8:30 Registration
9:15 Chair's opening remarks

Jim Connor, Director of Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

The future of internal communications in a changing landscape

9:25 Dealing with change in an unprecedented change climate

Keynote address

As the world around us continues to change at great speed, an increasing number of us have found ourselves struggling to keep up. In this session you'll hear how to deal with change in this fast moving climate, and learn exactly what this means for internal communications.

Heather Wagoner, Director of Internal Communications and Engagement, BBC

9:50 The future practitioner - how to equip yourself for the shift towards integrated internal and external teams

Panel session

During this panel discussion the phenomena of integration will be fully dissected; firstly as to what integration means for an organisation as a whole, and also whether it actually makes sense to have completely separate internal and external teams in the first place?

Phil Askham, Global Director of Employee Communications, HSBC
Yvonne O’Hara, Head of Internal Communications, Metropolitan Police
Tanya Burack, Director of Internal Communications, Savills
Jim Connor, Director of Communications, Lloyds Banking Group (Moderator)

10:30 Thought leadership session
10:45 Morning refreshments

Creating collaborative and social workplaces

11:15 Breakout streams

Social and digital

Establishing a team

Engagement and employer branding

How to deal with channel overload and decide what works best for your business

Panel session

So much emphasis is put on using social in internal comms, but is it actually worth investing in? This panel session will look at the pros and cons of using social channels, while looking at some of the factors that need to be considered before incorporating social channels into an already overloaded channel sphere.

Melissa Stewart, Head of Internal Communications, Save the Children
Katie Bunting, Internal Communications Manager, Ovo Energy
Claire Vivyan Roberts, Head of Employee Communications, Santander
Kathryn Kneller, Interim Head of Employee Communications, Britvic

How to set up a team

Case study and talk

If having an internal comms function is new to your organisation, how do you go about setting up a fully functioning team and ensure that all of the relevant bases are covered? During this session Robert Mayor, Head of Communications at the University of Greenwich and Danielle Chan, Head of Internal Communications at Community Integrated Care will explain how they approached this task and what challenges they faced along the way.

Robert Mayor, Head of Communications, University of Greenwich
Danielle Chan, Head of Internal Communications, Community Integrated Care

Building a brand from the inside out


This session will look at some of the most important things that need to be considered when building an employer brand, and the role of internal communications within this.

Speaker to be announced shortly

11:55 Swap or stay

Engagement and employer branding

12:05 Breakout streams

Social and digital

Integrating creativity

Engagement and employer branding

Using social channels to communicate with a remote workforce

Case studies

Communicating to non-office based staff is not the easiest of tasks. This something that Macmillan Cancer Support and G4S know all too well; with a large proportion of their employees working on the front-line, both organisations are accustomed to being challenged to come up with new and innovative ways to engage their workforce. During this session, hear about exactly how they go about this with the aid of social channels, and find out what methods they have found to be most effective.

Emma Guise, Director of Communications, Macmillan Cancer Support
Sue Woodville, Group Head of Internal Communications, G4S

Storytelling and creating engaging content

Interactive workshop

This practical workshop will help you to perfect the art of storytelling, ensuring that you are creating content that has depth and truly resonates with your audience.

Speaker to be announced shortly

Creating a strong employer brand

Case study

This session will look at the importance of a strong employer brand in getting employees to connect with your brand mission and understand their place within it.

Speaker to be announced shortly

12:45 Networking lunch
13:45 Breakout streams

Social and digital

Integrating creativity

Engagement and employer branding

Do more with less

DIY video workshop

This session will teach you how to shoot and edit a video cheaply in-house, and will also give some tips on ways to promote it in order to get cut through.

Speaker to be announced shortly

Dancing to the same beat

Case study

Keeping employees motivated and engaged can be challenging at the best of times. So how do you engage employees when your organisation is going through transformational change? Have them take part in a surprise musical flashmob! At least that is one thing Morrison & Foerster did as part of their employee engagement strategy last year.

During this session, Michelle Elstein, Morrison & Foerster’s Director of Market Development and Strategy, Europe, will explain how she incorporated elements of experiential comms into their wider engagement strategy and the role it played in helping them to achieve an engaged and happier workforce.

Michelle Elstein, Director of Market Development and Strategy, Europe, Morrison & Foerster

How to be creative on a shoestring budget

Case studies

A limited budget does not have to mean boring comms. Hear how London’s Air Ambulance and the Alzheimer’s Society are bringing creativity to their internal communications on small budgets.

Helen Schick, Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, Alzheimer's Society
Siobhra Murphy, Head of PR and Communications, London’s Air Ambulance

14:25 Swap or stay
14:35 Breakout streams

Mergers and acquisitions

Integrating creativity

Engagement and employer branding

Mergers and acquisitions – how internal comms can steady the business during uncertainty and change


In the fourth largest deal in corporate history, beverage giant AB InBev acquired rival SABMiller last year, putting the world’s number one and two brewers together. The complexity of securing regulatory approvals meant that it took a year from SABMiller’s Board recommending the offer to completion of the deal, with several twists and turns along the way.

With a workforce of 70,000 employees in 80 countries, SABMiller was challenged with not only having to keep their employees engaged and motivated during such a long period of uncertainty, but also to prepare them for life after the deal.

During this session, SABMiller’s former Director of Group Communications and Reputation, Christina Mills, will share her experiences of how the company stepped up its internal communications and engagement strategy during this time, and the remarkable results they achieved in doing so.

Christina Mills, former Group Head of Communications and Reputation, SABMiller

Lose the talking heads - creativity in video

Case studies

Done well, video could prove to be the secret weapon in your internal comms arsenal. During this session, find out how to really grab people’s attention with creative and innovative internal communications videos.

Deborah Smith, Head of Internal Comms, Skyscanner
Tracey Cobbett, Head of Internal Communications, Serco

How to equip leaders and line managers with the tools to become good storytellers and inspire others


This session will look at the important role of storytelling in keeping employees engaged, and the role of leaders and line managers, with a focus on practical ideas and tools you can use to help them do this effectively.

Sara Vogt, Head of corporate communications, Ministry of Justice

15:15 Afternoon refreshments
15:55 Spotlight on Argos- empowering staff to drive improved performance

UK retail giant Argos wanted to drive improved performance in readiness for its 2016 peak period between Black Friday and Christmas. Needing to make a change in just weeks, Synergy Creative’s Chris Giddings will share how Argos took on the challenge of engaging and empowering its contact centre team, shifting from a reactive to service-led mindset, and delivering business change both culturally and commercially.

Chris Giddings, Marketing and Communications Manager, Synergy Creative

16:10 You be the judge

Open discussion

During this open discussion, members of the audience will be able to put their internal comms conundrums to the room and receive practical advice from their peers and our panel of experts.

Measurement and demonstrating value to the board

16:40 Thought leadership session
16:55 Measurement and demonstrating value to the board

Quick fire case studies and discussion

This session will take a look at what other organisations are doing in terms of measurement, and how they are using measurement data to gain insight into the effectiveness of their internal comms activities. Three organisations will present a short five minute case study and this will then be followed by a general discussion.

Rachel Mason, Internal Communications Manager, Wellcome Trust

17:25 Chair’s Closing Remarks
17:30 End of conference

Please note that this agenda is subject to change.