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We are proud to support PRWeek in identifying and celebrating the best people in public relations today.

  The year of 2012 was both a challenging and rewarding one in PR, with big tent-pole moments such as the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee driving brand opportunities, while conversely the impact of wider economic uncertainty continued to affect budgets.

For Ogilvy Public Relations London, last year was the time for bold moves, both in people and proposition, and I am thrilled to see some of our own faces in these pages.

We have become the most-awarded UK PR agency, and as we further invest in expanding our team and bringing together the industry's best talent under one roof, we refuse to be complacent, striving only to create exceptional work for the world's most famous and important brands, businesses and institutions.

PRWeek has uncovered and recognised the best talent from all areas of the industry. To be the best in our business, people need to be dynamic; forever asking questions and seeking out the newest, best, interesting, relevant, aspirational, provocative, dynamic and agile solutions for clients' business challenges.

If you are one of these people, we would love you in our team.

Michael Frohlich, MD UK, MD EAME, consumer marketing practice, Ogilvy Public Relations

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