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Amit Jain is the Editor of PRWeek Asia

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  • Japanese armed forces get image makeover

    As Japan begins to get comfortable with the idea of having a more muscular military the country's Self-Defence Forces (SDF) are trying to woo the young to join them with images of smiling soldiers posing like pop stars

  • Comms takes centre stage as Filipino trust in government slides

    Six out of ten Filipinos say they need to hear at least two to three times, in order to believe the either the Government or business. The Philippines Trust Index 2014 says institutions must deliver on a set of key drivers if they are to retain trust

  • WSJ jumps on LINE and WeChat

    New accounts to bolster the business newsdaily's social media engagement in Asia

  • Raskin to unlock talent for Golin

    As part of its growth strategy in Asia, Golin has appointed Phillip Raskin to be its L&D director for the region

  • Red Agency buys out Graymedia

    PR, social and experiential agency, Red Agency expands its operations in Australia by merging Graymedia into its Brisbane office. The acquisition is part of Havas' strategic investment plan to increase its profile and footprint in Queensland

  • AMEC steps up advocacy of PR measurement

    The top measurement and evaluation body appoints Michael Ziviani of Precise Value and Aseem Sood of Impact Research & Measurement as APAC co-chairs

  • Shergill steps down as MSLGroup India CEO

    Jaideep Shergill joins Chairman Emeritus Sunil Gautam in a new business venture that will advise Indian startups and entrepreneurs on a range of communications and strategic areas

  • HK PR firms expect strong growth

    Benchmark survey finds most PR companies predict higher annual fees, with digital media a key driver of business

  • 'Financial' no more, Ryan rebrands

    Ryan Financial Communications is dropping "Financial" from its name to reflect diversification of its business

  • MSLGROUP acquisition of India's Perfect Relations on hold

    Exit of a senior staff member could be the reason behind the delay.

  • Unilever makes students expert comms pros in One Amazing Week

    How does one uncover great talent and win PR brownies at the same time? Take a bunch of young energetic marketing students and turn them into world-class communicators in a week. That is exactly what Unilever did in Thailand

  • Sato: I was not afraid to take risks

    Kumi Sato is the President and CEO of Cosmo, one of Japan's largest independent public affairs and strategic communications firms. She took over the reins of the struggling family firm when only 27 and transformed it into one of the country's most respected PR firms.

  • Taiwan moves to protect food safety reputation

    The swift indictment of Ting Hsin International boss and the resignation of the health minister signal the government's determination to improve food safety standards and protect reputation

  • GHC Asia partners with Japan's OZMA

    Hong Kong based communications agency GHC Asia has entered into a strategic partnership with Japan's oldest PR firm OZMA. The alliance follows a 60 percent acquisition of GHC Asia by the Hakuhodo Group, to which OZMA is affiliated

  • Edelman China CEO Steven Cao released from custody

    The head of Daniel J. Edelman China Group who had been held by authorities since July has returned to his family

  • Golin to acquire Magic Group in China

    Golin is on the verge of acquiring the Beijing- based PR firm. The formal announcement, which is expected early next year (2015) flag-posts the IPG agency firmly in the region. CEO Fred Cook is banking on growth and tells PRWeek he would like to see Asia account for at least a third of the firm's revenue

  • Globalisation of Asian firms in the next big thing for PR: Pickard

    As Asian firms go global they will need help communicating their message more effectively says Bob Pickard, a veteran PR pro who worked in the region for more than a decade

  • Global PR Pros gather in New Delhi for the ICCO Global Summit

    Over 150 communications and PR pros from all around the world have gathered in New Delhi to attend the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Global Summit in New Delhi

  • Asia's most extraordinary communicator

    On his 145th birth anniversary PRWeek pays tribute to a frail old man who knew how to communicate his message exceptionally well

  • India is defining global best practice: Gallagher

    As the countdown for the 2014 International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Global Summit begins ICCO President David Gallagher tells PRWeek he believes India is a trail blazer when it comes to defining best practices in PR