Steve Barrett

Editor-in-chief, PRWeek US

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  • Burson on the business of persuasion

    Harold Burson's latest book contains some fascinating reflections on his seven-decade career in PR and lots of useful takeaways for those wanting to improve their professional practice.

  • Secrets to upward mobility for CCOs

    Becoming CCO used to be seen as the pinnacle of achievement for a PR professional - but there's no reason why communicators shouldn't set their sights much higher.

  • Swipe right to embrace change

    As communications evolves at a frantic pace it has never been more important to keep your knowledge, skills, and inspiration up to date to remain on top of your brief.

  • Tragedy of Charlottesville illustrates America's deep divide

    Business can fill the moral vacuum created by President Trump but company CEOs have to balance a tightrope in doing so.

  • I, robot

    The robots may one day fulfil dystopian science fiction visions and take over the human race, but that day is still far in the future - in the meantime, marketers and communicators are working out how AI can be effectively utilized in their world.

  • Young guns will help shape the ongoing industry revolution

    That is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a little frightening.

  • Hey Mooch: you're not meant to be the story

    The new White House communications director has made an immediate mark in a totally unorthodox way that isn't making anyone think of PR in a more positive light after the Sean Spicer experience.

  • Influencers are the changing face of marketing

    The FTC wants to crack down on influencer marketing but, transparency aside, people increasingly turn to people like themselves when they are seeking information and entertainment.

  • Holding company woes represent good news for PR

    Brian Wieser from Pivotal Research reduced price targets on agency holding companies in light of difficult trading conditions - but these structural and temporal difficulties will bring PR more central to the marketing mix.

  • PR's power players share their vision

    The collected wit and wisdom of the 270 individuals in PRWeek's Global Power Book provide some significant indicators for the future of the industry.

  • Part trusted adviser, part street fighter, comms pros raise bar

    The 2017 PRWeek Power List features a woman in the number one position for the first time -- Omnicom Public Relations Group's CEO Karen van Bergen.

  • Cannes: it's a wrap

    An inspirational and energizing week on Le Côte d'Azur will reward close scrutiny by all professionals working in communications and marketing.

  • Tectonic plates of Cannes are shifting

    Publicis set the cat among the pigeons on its home turf when it announced it was taking a break from Cannes and industry awards for 12 months - festival organizer Ascential must ensure its upcoming consultation doesn't give everyone the hump.

  • Cannes talk: What's in an idea?

    PR firms did well at Cannes this year, but the multiple-Lions-winning Care Counts case study by Whirlpool shows just how difficult it is to give proper credits to those who work on campaigns.

  • 9 Cannestastic things to know about next week

    The full skinny on Cannes as the worlds of communications, marketing, and creativity gather for the annual boondoggle/Festival of Creativity.

  • Lord Buckethead and Lion of London Bridge sum up crazy week

    Triumph, tragedy, achievement, and the simply bizarre marked a week that was memorable for many reasons.

  • Gender equality: time for action

    Women in PR should remain authentic and be true to themselves but exhortations to speak up and network more should be accompanied by equal pay and equal opportunities.

  • PR industry on verge of major breakthrough at Cannes this year

    After years of frustration, PR is set for a new beginning at Cannes.

  • Detroit's bouncing back

    People are returning to the Motor City in droves as it reinvents itself as a hotchpotch of arts, culture, restaurants, newly thriving inner city, and affordable place to build a life and a career.

  • Two nations divided by a common language

    Visits to three top 50 global PR firms based in the U.K. provided a fresh view of the industry through a lens with many common characteristics.