Butlins brief for Launch Group

Launch Group will promote a new spa hotel for Butlins.

Butlins hotel: win for Launch Group
Butlins hotel: win for Launch Group

The Ocean Hotel in Bognor Regis will open in August. Launch won the business following a four-way pitch and will promote the hotel via a nine-month programme with a budget of £100,000.

The agency has an existing relationship with Butlins, having worked on its launch of its Shoreline Hotel in Bognor in 2005. The 200-room, £20m Ocean is the second hotel at the resort.

The Launch Group's Andy Nash promised that the Ocean Hotel would ‘create a very big wave of publicity and buzz for Butlins'.

The agency's PR campaign for the Shoreline Hotel included building a replica 1930s Butlins chalet in the garden outside the hotel so journalists could see how different the plush new accommodation was.


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