Letter - VoIP has far broader implications for PROs

'Is VoIP the next tech PR goldmine?' was interesting, if a little odd (PRWeek, 11 November). Sure, VoIP represents an opportunity for PR companies with a client or two in that sector, but 'the next tech PR goldmine'? No more or less than many other technology innovations of the past decade or two.

What I think has more important implications for our industry is how VoIP and related technologies can help us get better results more efficiently.

Imagine being able to run through press materials with a client online, amending documents on screen while talking through the changes. This will become more widespread as VoIP becomes the norm.

I hope VoIP will put verbal communication at the forefront of PR. We've all become too reliant on email.

Mark Pinsent, MD, The Wedge Partnership.

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