DIARY: Dole Queue Reunited for careless agency staff

It's surely axiomatic that honesty in communications is the best policy. But briefing against your own bosses will always be something of a PR blunder.

This week, recruitment firm Media Contacts revealed that a recent recruit to its job-seeking ranks had been 'forced to resign' from a 'well-known' PR agency after blasting her bosses on nostalgia website Friends Reunited.

The woman - described as a 26-year-old account manager for a 'well-known PR agency' - used a posting on the popular website to describe her boss as a 'bitch from hell'.

For good measure she also described her employers as a 'bunch of cowboys'.

Media Contacts has urged anyone posting messages on websites to show caution before repeating such a blunder.

Still, the tale caused PRWeek a few moments of astonishment as we mused on how any PR firm could possibly be described in such terms.

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