Unity launches #MerryFixmas for Direct Line

Direct Line's Christmas campaign sees a team of 'fixers' travelling across the UK helping consumers get their lives back on track during the festive period.

Direct Line 'fixers' deliver solutions to consumers for #merryfixmas campaign
Direct Line 'fixers' deliver solutions to consumers for #merryfixmas campaign

The campaign is based on the idea that Christmas, while a magical time, can also be stressful as lots of things tend to go wrong. 

Unity, which won the Direct Line account last year, came up with #merryfixmas after running previous social media campaigns for the brand – #everydayfix and #directfix – that helped almost 500 people by delivering solutions to travel woes, weather issues and fashion dilemmas.

#merryfixmas is a live campaign that uses Twitter to identify members of the public who are talking about their stress online and deliver them a rapid solution. The campaign has also been publicised on YouTube.

On the day of the launch, there were more than 1,500 mentions of the hashtag #merryfixmas, reaching more than one million people. 

So far, 'fixes' that have been delivered include replacement Christmas lights for a woman whose rabbit chewed through them; sold-out toys for a child and a party outfit for someone who had nothing to wear for their Christmas party.

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