How 11 brands showed they were over the moon about the #PlutoFlyBy

The historic NASA mission was the top trend on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft took the first close-up look at Pluto on Tuesday morning after a 3-billion-mile trip that took more than nine and a half years.

The unmanned craft, which is the size of a baby grand piano, passed within 7,600 miles of the planet at about 7:50 am EST. If the flyby is successful – it should be confirmed Tuesday night – the craft could collect data that could make the case that Pluto is a planet. It was demoted in 2006.

Brands from various industries were over the moon on Tuesday about the historic mission and what it could reveal. Some tweeted in real-time about the approach as #PlutoFlyBy was a top trend.




JC Penney






Turkish Airlines

US Air Force

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