Follow these healthcare tweeters

PR Week highlights three tweeters in Healthcare you should be following.

The Twitter arm of a US-based social media platform linking patients up to swap experiences and information on treatments.

Sample recent tweets 'Health online 2013 survey data - percentage of people who have consulted online reviews of drugs dropped,'; '#Parkinsons members on Not Recognizing the "New Me",'

Well-regarded researcher of health policy.

Sample recent tweets 'Read more about our involvement in the #Francis Inquiry and final #MidStaffs report in our updated project page,'; 'Download our report on priority setting in #healthcare, which chimes with a new @nhsconfed & @DHgovuk report on HWBs,'

US aggregator of vast reams of articles and fascinating research into mental health.

Sample recent tweets 'Ethnicity strongly tied to treatment-resistant schizophrenia,'; 'News: Caregiver's self-esteem, optimism impact stroke patient's depression,'

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