Heinz in £57 beans experience stunt

Publicasity has teamed up Heinz with experimental foodies Bompas & Parr and upmarket department store Fortnum & Mason.

Bompas & Parr: Heinz initiative
Bompas & Parr: Heinz initiative

Bompas & Parr has designed a range of Heinz Beanz Flavour Experiences, which are available to purchase at Fortnum & Mason for £57.

The experiences include a handcrafted bowl, a musical spoon and one of the Heinz Beanz Flavoured Beanz varieties, which include Curry, Fiery Chilli and Garlic & Herbs.

The musical spoon can only be heard by the eater when they gently bite on the spoon; for example, typical Bhangra music is played by the spoon in the Curry Flavour Experience.

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