Councils cut marcoms budgets by 20% during past five years

Local council marcoms budgets have been cut by 20% over the past five years, PRWeek's exclusive 'State of the Public Sector' research has revealed.

Cutting waste: Communities Secretary Eric Pickles
Cutting waste: Communities Secretary Eric Pickles

The findings show that marcoms budgets in 2011-12 have been hit just as hard as central Government budgets, sitting at 80 per cent of what was spent in 2007-08.

The figures were gathered via Freedom of Information requests from councils that could provide complete figures for 2007-2012.

The research revealed PR budgets have fallen by 19% over the past five years.

Advertising has been hardest hit, dropping to 53% of its 2007-08 spend. Comms staffing levels have fallen by 14% during the period.

The findings follow Communities Secretary Eric Pickles’ speech at the Conservative Party conference, in which he said: ‘By cutting waste, we’ve been able to cut council tax and business rates, and still pay off Labour’s deficit.

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