Public Affairs: PCA puts the brakes on fuel tax rise

Supported by the RAC, Peter Carroll Associates (PCA) launched a campaign to prevent increases in fuel tax.

PCA: Fighting against fuel tax rises
PCA: Fighting against fuel tax rises

Campaign: FairFuelUK
Client: RAC and road freight industry stakeholders
PR team: Peter Carroll Associates
Timescale: January 2011-May 2012
Budget: £100,000



  • To stop a fuel tax rise during 2011-12
  • To reduce fuel taxation in the future.

Strategy and plan

PCA created the FairFuelUK campaign to unite the road freight industry, businesses and car owners. A website was built alongside Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. With the support of MP Robert Halfon, the group launched an e-petition, established a House of Commons all-party parliamentary group, and held several parliamentary receptions. Motoring journalist Quentin Willson was recruited and the team organised events including pulling a truck down Whitehall. It commissioned the Centre for Economics and Business Research to produce a report showing rising fuel tax damaged the economy.

Measurement and evaluation

Coverage included the BBC and ITV and every national newspaper.


The e-petition received more than 100,000 signatures in six weeks. The Government cancelled the planned 5p rise and replaced it with a 1p tax cut per litre. It deferred the 3p rise planned for 2012 and abandoned the 1p addition to any inflationary rise in fuel tax.

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