Entertainment: Renamed villages boost Kutcher ratings

EdenCancan was asked to promote the launch of series nine of comedy show Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher without access to talent.

Several villages were renamed
Several villages were renamed

Campaign: Two and a Half Men, series nine
Client: Comedy Central
PR team: EdenCancan
Timescale: February 2012
Budget: £20,000



  • To create awareness of the new series
  • To tie the campaign into the on-air promotional theme of 'obsession'
  • To use social media to reach a 16- to 34-year-old male audience.

Strategy and plan

The PR team discovered there are several villages in the UK called Ashton. It decided to take over four of them during a two-day period and rename them Ashton Kutcher. The team snuck into each village in the early hours and changed road signs, renamed village shops and placed a bust of Ashton in the local pub. The reaction it sparked among local residents was caught on camera and offered to the media. It also created a 'fake' Twitter account of an obsessive Kutcher fan who tweeted Kutcher.

Measurement and evaluation

The campaign generated more than 58 pieces of national coverage. Kutcher, who was unaware this was a PR stunt, responded to the team's tweet, highlighting the campaign to his 9.5 million followers.


Series nine showed a 29 per cent uplift on the previous season among the target audience. It was the highest rating series of the show so far on Comedy Central.

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