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Commitment to the cause

A fascination with your specialism, combined with enthusiasm and expertise, is a winning formula.

Commitment to the cause
Commitment to the cause

Technology is my specialist subject. I was lucky to be part of the team helping to ignite the GSM mobile comms market in Europe in the early 1990s. That was the decade when comms technology was transformed. Ten years of corporate life in the technology sector, and I was ready to launch my own agency - built on my experience of the industry, its key players and my network of terrific friends and colleagues (built before Facebook or LinkedIn - yes, there was such a time).

I am also - as any of my team will tell you - somewhat demanding. I believe if something is worth doing, it's worth doing properly, and I had been surprised over the years at some of the PR agency behaviour that clients seemed to accept as the norm. I vowed that Mi liberty would reset the standards for technology PR and marketing, with a real focus on client satisfaction.

So although specialising in the tech sector was the obvious choice, there was a more important consideration - the ethos. The fundamental character of Mi liberty lies in my team's total commitment to our customers.

In any walk of life, specialists are so called because they focus on a particular area - whether a subject, a profession or a skill. This focus is driven by a deep interest, a desire to learn and the social and economic benefits that come from being part of a like-minded community. At Mi liberty, we are technology comms specialists, constantly looking to learn about this ever-changing sector, and committed to promoting its benefits through all relevant channels in a unique way.

Technology fascinates because it enables progress. It helps the world work differently. We work out what technology means to the consumer, in some cases transforming the image of our clients in the process, and in all cases creating communication campaigns that tie back into our clients' business objectives.

We always start by considering the client's business challenge. We want to be a part of their team working towards their goal, whether that's growing a start-up business, maintaining the reputation of a global leader, defusing a potential crisis or delivering on corporate-led strategy.

PR is a profession. We are professionals at Mi liberty, and the combination of sector expertise, customer commitment and professionalism has won us the respect of the media, our clients, and, we think it is fair to say, our peers.

The world has always revolved around the ability to communicate. Today it's about speed, cost, content, accessibility, availability and applications. As a technology specialist, we offer the skill of tailoring a message to an audience, of bringing out the benefits without drowning in the detail. Our role is to create interest, raise profiles and encompass the implications of a breakthrough within a clear and accessible storyline.

On behalf of our clients, we may be talking to experienced journalists, student bloggers, product reviewers or freelancers with top-line technical knowledge. We may be running an internal comms transformation project that involves engaging client staff. Irrespective of the project, we'll put everything into developing and communicating the most appropriate message on behalf of our customers - and by customers, we mean our clients and members of the media.

With our depth and breadth of knowledge of technology and how to communicate its benefits, as well as our enthusiasm and expertise, we believe that the true specialist agency is defined by its network of friends, peers and colleagues - all with the shared interest of a commitment to and fascination for technology in all its forms.


Which film title best sums up the spirit of your agency?

Some Like It Hot because we're at the forefront of sizzling technology innovation and we're cool when the heat is on.

Specialist journalists make the best specialist PROs. True or false?

A journalist states facts and has an independent viewpoint, whereas clients pay PR companies to promote benefits. Some journalists make the transition successfully, others find leaving unbiased writing behind too difficult. We have a mix of talent that is geared towards a complete understanding of our clients' business and the needs of the media, so that we deliver the perfect match.

Dee Gibbs is managing director at Mi liberty.

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