DIARY: Lewis suffers a celebrity knockout on the night

Diary hopes there's some serious revision of tactics going on over at GBH Communications, the PR firm which oversaw the opening night of a new London nightclub, 10 Covent Garden last week.

Among the selected celebs invited by GBH to celebrate the opening was the positively man-mountain of a world boxing champ Lennox Lewis, and his posse of heavies.

However, not all in the hall were aware of his greatness - especially one foxy female celeb seeker, whose sublime sexiness was leaving most men present gaga, including Len.

He made a beeline for her, and leaning down several feet to her petite ear, the champ asked as sweetly as a heavyweight boxer can: 'What's your name?'

Taking one step back, cocking her head and deftly picking her spot, the sexy obliterator of boxing cool let fly with a stinging knockout: 'Who are you?'.

WHAM! Lennox never saw that stealthy uppercut coming. Stunned, he again asked her name, this time with a follow-up smile that implied: 'It's me! Len. Lenny. Lennox Lewis.'

But the dainty contender must have been ducking all media since birth, for she again enquired: 'Sorry, who are you?'

BIFF! Lennox was now on the ropes nursing his cauliflowered ego, and a bout of phoney smiles and awkward smalltalk followed until his henchmen threw in the towel.

Perhaps GBH should print programmes highlighting the stars on show with photos ... 'Celeb number two is 'A list' boxing champ Lennox Lewis. That's a name you should know'. DING! DING!

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