DIARY: Hennessey opens up cc e-mail bag of worms

'It's a powerful tool, which must be treated with respect.' Guns? Nuclear energy? Viagra? No, it's actually e-mail.

The quote comes from one Paul Hennessey. His name is probably familiar to the hundreds of PROs who received an e-mail from him about his digital photography business, cowjuice.com. Twice. Followed by an apology.

The e-mail irritated many recipients, and attracted comments along the lines of 'no more spam'. Hennessey admits while e-mail is very effective, 'you have to get it right'.

The failure to use e-mail's 'blind carbon copy' option, meant the contact list appeared for all to see - and exploit. When it comes to new contacts, PROs are more opportunistic than any virus. Within a short space of time, various messages such as the following were sent out: 'Stop this blatant abuse of e-mail.

I'm busy trying to recruit an IT PR account manager down here in Basingstoke.'

The incident also raises the interesting philosophical question: does an e-mail sent informing recipients that a previous e-mail was spam actually become spam itself?

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