Nissan's Sproule says 'we'll do more, better, for less'

Simon Sproule, Nissan's corporate vice-president for its newly established global marketing comms team, insisted the merger of the two functions did not downgrade the role of PR in any way.

Positive: Simon Sproule
Positive: Simon Sproule

'This is about bringing together people, not destroying anything,' he told PRWeek. 'If anything, the PR and marketing teams are going to have a more unified and stronger voice within the company.

'I see only an upside for all the functions and I think it will be a lot more rewarding to work on the Nissan brand both in-house and for agencies.'

He said the decision had been partly driven by changes in the wider business environment: 'We are in a massively changing comms environment and we all need to work out how to build consistency and clarity of message over increasingly diverse communications channels.'

Sproule added: 'I find it hard to know how you could manage a brand in a seamless way without everyone working together. For a global brand this kind of move makes a lot of sense because we are going be able to do more and do it better for less investment.

'There is going to be a more seamless interaction between the consumer and the brand which will make it easier to approach, understand and interact with.'

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